Investor Relations

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  • Great emphasis on understanding the needs and requirements of customers and providing them with the quality services that they would expect
  • Customer service aspect is led by Executive Chairman and CEO, Melvin Goh
  • Ability to tailor and conduct targeted marketing campaigns to meet customer needs and expectations
  • We believe that our emphasis on personalised customer service has contributed to a high level of repeat sales to existing customers
  • Carry strong and well-established automobile brands, including Lamborghini which is a well-established automobile brand both globally and in Singapore
  • Strength of the automobile brands we carry, coupled with our focused sales and marketing activities, has been a key contributor to our growth
  • As at the Latest Practicable Date, we are the only authorised dealer for Lamborghini automobiles in Singapore, and the exclusive distributor for Alfa Romeo automobiles in Singapore
  • Relationship with the Lamborghini Manufacturer started in 2001 spanning more than 10 years, while the longestablished relationship with the Alfa Romeo Manufacturer began since 2004
  • We believe that our strong and longstanding relationships with existing automobile manufacturers, strong sales, high customer satisfaction and proven track record place us in a favourable position to maintain the existing distributorships and/or dealerships with these automobile manufacturers
  • We also believe that our reputation as an ultra-luxury automobile and luxury automobile dealership group gives us competitive advantages in obtaining new distributorships and/or dealerships from other automobile manufacturers in Singapore or overseas in the future
  • Our Group is led by our Executive Chairman and CEO, Melvin Goh, who has more than 30 years of experience in the automobile industry
  • Our Executive Director and Deputy CEO, Andy Goh, has over 28 years of experience in the automobile industry
  • Our COO, Dennis Yang Yung Kang, has more than 35 years of relevant experience and in-depth expertise in the automobile industry